Do you ever wonder what to do with all that extra mint?  Either you bought some needing just a pinch for a recipe or it’s taking over your herb garden.  Chew it, spray it, step on it!  You’re thinking “what in the heck is she talking about”?  The herb menthe, commonly known to us as mint, has an unusual versatility.  Oh no, its purpose isn’t only to be smashed to smithereens in the bottom of your Mojito glass.  The mint leaf has many more uses and is quite diverse. says add Mint to your next smoothie!

You probably didn’t know that its name comes from Greek mythology.  I know I didn’t.  Something about Pluto’s little mistress named “Minthe”, a nymph who Pluto’s scorned wife Persephone turned into a lowly plant to be walked upon.  Unable to reverse her spell, Pluto graciously gave Minthe a sweet scent, which would perfume the air.  Those ancient Greeks actually used it as a room freshener – sprinkling it at their doorways so the leaves would release an aromatic scent when stepped on.  Who knew??  I guess you could try this at home.  That is if Fido doesn’t come by and chew it all up first.  But, then that would be one way to give your dog very clean, fresh breath!  (Another one of the many uses for mint.)

You know it is refreshing when you drink it in your tea, your alcoholic beverage, or eat it in a cookie (oh, you “know” which ones I’m talking about).  So, why not spray it on your face and body for the same effect?  I says add Mint to your next smoothie! somewhere that you might steep it in some hot water, let it cool, pour it into a spray bottle and voila!  You have yourself a refreshing spritzer.  But, today I just added it to my smoothie.  I’ve been doing that lately because – simply put – it’s just super yummy.  Plus, it has many healthy, beneficial properties.  So next time you have extra mint on hand and you’re digging around the ‘fridge for things to stuff in your smoothie blender – don’t forget the mint!