Wow!  I just realized that I haven’t written a blog article in 9 days!!  Well, I have my better half to blame for that…


Meet Scott!  He’s a boat captain in the Gulf of Mexico out of Louisiana.  Working a rotation of 28 days on and 14 days off – it seems like I just get a brief glimpse of him running in the front door and back out again!!  We live in Florida; by the time he drives home and has to drive back we have very few moments together.  We manage to squeeze in some precious seconds between his sleeping, playing golf, and hunting… oh and my working 8 hours a day!  But, in the long run it’s worth it.  He gets to do what he loves and I get my peace, calm and sanity for 28 days.  <hee hee>  No offense Hon – you know I love ya!

So, I’ve been a bit distracted.  Scott taste-tested all my frozen leftovers.  LOL!  And was acting guinea pig for a couple of new recipes.  Like my Bacon Cheeseburger Bubbles which I’ll be posting soon.  But, I promise to get back to blogging some great recipes!  And, I have some more printables and crafts to share as well.  I haven’t gone away or fell off the face of the earth!  So, please keep visiting My Sister’s Cupboard to see what’s cookin’!