Its amazing how many great ideas are coming to me after just one time using my Magic Bullet.  I was surprised how incredible this smoothie tasted.  Because I used oats (regular steel cut oats – not quick cooking ones), I have to admit I was really apprehensive before taking that first sip.  I thought the oats wouldn’t grind up and it would be grainy but it was very smooth.

Oatmeal Smoothie Surprise - courtesy of

I really like this recipe because like my Berry Fruity Smoothie it is packed with nutrition. I used 1% chocolate milk but you could substitute an almond, soy, or even coconut milk.

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(I’ve listed the ingredients in the order they should be stacked in the bullet – of course in a blender you put them in opposite.)

1-1/2 Bananas
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter (I used 100% Natural)
2 Tbsp Greek Honey Yogurt
2 Tbsp Oats
2 Tsp Honey
4 Ice Cubes
1/3 cup 1% Chocolate Milk

For the Bullet I pulsed the cup until I didn’t hear the ice cubes cracking. You want to use a pulsing so that everything gets knocked down into the blade. I really blended this one to make sure the oats were gone – you can actually see them swirling against the cup. Stick in a smoothie straw and you’re ready for yumminess! This makes one serving. If you’re using a blender you could probably double or triple the recipe for 2-3 servings.